Doing What You Love

    Do not adjust your television sets; I’m well aware that the picture is blurry.

    By that point in the evening, the four of us probably were a little blurry too, so it’s fitting. That picture was taken at the afterparty of VGXpo 2008, and while the event was a little “meh,” the fact of the matter is this: it was a great feeling to be doing what I love. And not only that - it’s how I make my living.

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    About Allison's Corner

    Allison's Corner is just a little part of After Graduation where you can get to know me better. Let's face it; we're all curious about the bloggers who write the things we read. And, as writers, we're so much more than the few niche pieces we write. Here, you can peak into my world, because we're all voyeurs at heart.

    What you won't find in Allison's Corner is advice on writing, blogging, networking, and surviving after graduation. Well, maybe some tips on surviving from time to time...but for all of that, you should go back to the main page for After Graduation. On this part of the site, I'm going to talk about Lady Gaga, politics, my really fat cat, wine tasting, the books I'm reading, baking the perfect cherry pie, and video games. But not all at once. Most of the time.

    In short, this is my playground. I'm here to have fun and just get to know every single wonderful reader who comes to After Graduation for advice on writing and life. So, don't be afraid to leave some comments!

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Letting it Out

I’m not someone who bottles up emotions. I guess, I did so much of that when I was a teen that I just don’t have any capacity for it anymore. It’s kind of like a pair of sweatpants with the elastic all worn out. Sometimes, you just have to admit that they don’t stay on [...]

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Why is Ricky Martin’s Sexuality News?

All day I’ve been seeing news stories about Ricky Martin’s sexuality. Apparently, he referred to himself as a homosexual man on his personal blog. For some reason, this is what everyone is choosing report, clogging news sites and celebrity gossip blogs alike. Oh, there was some kind of commotion in Moscow today? Whatever, man…Ricky Martin [...]

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Why I Love Facebook

I was having dinner last week with some very intelligent ladies, all over them much older than me but enjoyable company all the same. The conversation at dinner turned to Facebook, and why most of them at the table refuse to sign up.
I’m in that weird age bracket that remembers college before Facebook. It came [...]

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The Runaways Movie Makes My Heart Sad

You say the name “Joan Jett” and I’m in; it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about. I love the fact that there are songs on Rock Band/Guitar Hero where I can pretend to be her. I love the fact that she had a cameo in Repo! The Genetic Opera, which is one of my favorite [...]