If you’re a regular here at After Graduation, you’ve probably noticed some pretty big changes in the past week! I think that every young blog goes through a period of soul-searching, and that’s exactly what happened to After Graduation. How can I bring content to readers more easily? Am I meeting the demands of my readers? What is the best way to present information?

So now, to help provide the best site possible to everyone, After Graduation has split into two parts. On the home page, you’ll find the After Graduation Article Bank - 10 categories filled with countless articles for beginners. There aren’t blog posts (although you can leave comments like you normally would on a post), but rather articles that remain as true today as the day I wrote them and articles that will remain valuable resources for months or even years to come. If you’re a beginner in the freelance world, this is where you want to be to start the learning process.

But I also wanted to address relevant writing news, as well as talk about some more advanced topics, because I know that not everyone here is brand new to freelance writing online. So, I give you the After Graduation blog, which is what you’re reading right now. This blog is separate for the article bank, but my hope is that the two sites will work together. After you’ve gone through the article bank and gained some experience with freelancing, you can jump into the more advanced conversation here at the AG blog!

I’d love your feedback on both the blog and the article bank, so feel free to leave a comment below. Right now, the blog is obviously brand new and I’m still working on moving articles from “storage” so to speak to their respective categories within the bank, but within the next few weeks, you’ll see more and more resources here at After Graduation.

  1. Judy Helfand (Reply) on Friday 20, 2010

    I noticed your tweets a few weeks ago about your plans for “After Graduation”. So today I just had to come by and see the new look and feel-floor plan. I think you made the right decision. I think most archived blog posts are “dated”, insofar as the hint you/we provided in 2005 maybe laughable in 2010. Just recently I was re-reading one of my old posts and I thought to myself, well this is useless information, historical value, maybe, but no longer applicable.

    So…I like that you are organizing your “timeless” articles and that your main page will be topical.

    Good luck with this. I so enjoy reading your work, both here and at Blog World.