As a freelance writer, I’ve written about a lot of topics that I find completely and utterly boring. Sometimes, that’s part of the job. There’s a difference between writing about a boring topic and writing in a boring way, though. For a good freelancer, any topic can be made interesting - at least to the right audience.

Sometimes, though, boring writing is ok, or even preferred, by clients. I’ve found that being innovative, funny, or even original isn’t necessarily good for every project.

By “boring,” what I mean in this case is nor injecting your own personality into what you write. This is rarely a good idea for blog posts, but for articles or ebooks, too much personality could water down the content.

  • Is the content highly technical?
  • Does the content have to match with objective content already found on website, so it looks like it was all written by one person?
  • Does the content need to be as simple as possible for beginners?

Of course, it isn’t optimal to write about boring topics in a boring way. If you don’t enjoy your job, why be a freelance writer when you could just get an office job. Some “boring” assignments now and again can be good, though. You never know - it might surprise you to find out that a topic you thought would be boring is actually interesting to you.

What do you think - is it ok to write something boring as a writer? Or should you find a way to make every article your own (and avoid projects that don’t allow you to do so)?

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