I’m working on a super secret blogging project…that isn’t quite so super secret anymore. But you should still want to be involved, because it’s the only way to get free access, hear me rant about zombies and tacos, and make sure that when the apocalypse comes, your blog is secure in the bunker.

I wrote a post about the project here. Go sign up. You won’t regret it.*

Launch date: October 31 of course. It wouldn’t make sense to launch a zombie-themed blogging project any other day, right? If you’re on my mailing list, though, you’ll get access much sooner. My designers are hard at work. And by designers, I mean interns. And by interns, I mean my sister and her roommate who do cheap work because they love me.

God, are you still reading this nonsense? Just sign up already. You made it this far. I’m pretty sure there’s no turning back now.

*You might regret it, but you’ll be entertained anyway. Also, look at you reading the fine print like a fancy-pants adult. I promise there’s nothing here about giving me your credit card number or first born child. I mean, unless you want to give me your credit card number. I’ll totally take it. But not your screaming kid. GOOD TRY, asshole.

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