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Interested in writing for AfterGraduation? Awesome!

We aren’t hiring full time bloggers right now (but may in the future, so check back!), but we are interested in well-written, funny, engaging feature pieces. If your piece is published on AfterGraduation, we’ll give you a byline, 2-3 sentence bio, and $10-$20 for your time. Yes, we realize that the purchase price is small, but we’re small too!

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • All work must be 100% original and cannot be published elsewhere online (that includes personal blogs).
  • Posts must be 300 - 1000 words long.
  • We’re looking for “evergreen” pieces, which means that the post will have relevance over the next six to twelve months. In other words, no time-sensitive or news stories! Submit seasonal material at least two months in advance.
  • You are free to include links in your piece, if relevant. We reserve the right to remove links or otherwise edit as we see fit.
  • Format: TNR font, 12 pt., title in bold, one line between paragraphs (no indenting)
  • Exclusive rights belong to us upon payment. After 6 months, we hold the right to continue publishing your work, but you are free to publish elsewhere online or in print.
  • DO NOT send resumes, letters of recommendation, samples, or clips. All we want is a casual email of interest and your submission.
  • R-rated language is ok, as long as the naughty words are there for a reason. Nothing that could be called a slur though, please.

Don’t be afraid to tell us if you’re a student or recent grad! In fact, that’s what we want - fresh voices to fill our website with great tips.

We won’t love every idea that comes our way, and sometimes one of the writers here at AfterGraduation will be working on a similar piece. So, if you want, you can query us first - just send us a quick email with your topic idea and we’ll give you the thumbs down or ask to see the full article.

So that’s it! Get those creative juices flowing and show us whatcha got. Send submissions to: Allison Boyer, editor, [email protected] with the subject line “AfterGraduation Submission.” (Reply time is typically 1-2 weeks.)